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The National Institute of Mental Health strategic plan for advancing psychiatric neuroscience calls for increased discovery science initiatives in an effort to delineate developmental trajectories for risk and resilience across the lifespan. Such initiatives require large, openly accessible datasets that contain sufficient detail to enable the generation and testing of multiple hypotheses. The NKI Rockland Sample I helped meet this need with 1,500 participants enrolled across 4 contributing NIH studies.  The Rockland Sample II continues this work with a new study design aimed to innovate measurement tools as we continue to generate rich characterization datasets with the help of our Rockland area communities.

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Contributing NIH Studies:

The NKI Rockland Sample II: An Open Resource of Multimodal Brain, Physiology & Behavior Data from a Community Lifespan SampleR01MH124045
Mapping interindividual variation in the aging connectomeR01AG047596
Longitudinal Discovery of Brain Developmental TrajectoriesU01MH099059
Discovery Science of Human Brain Function Across the LifespanR01MH094639
Real-time fMRI Neurofeedback Based Stratification of Default Network RegulationR01MH101555

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