Rockland Sample I (2011-2020)

The enhanced Nathan Kline Institute-Rockland Sample I was an institutionally centered endeavor aimed at creating a large-scale community neuroimaging sample of participants across the lifespan (ages 6-85 years). Measures included a wide array of physiological and behavioral assessments, cognitive and psychiatric characterization, genetic information, and advanced neuroimaging. Anonymized data are publicly shared openly and were released prospectively (i.e., on a quarterly basis) as data were collected. The NKI Rockland Sample I data resource includes N = 1, 500 participants across the first set of NIH funded studies (2011-2020).

Contributing NIH Studies:

Mapping interindividual variation in the aging connectomeR01AG047596
Longitudinal Discovery of Brain Developmental TrajectoriesU01MH099059
Discovery Science of Human Brain Function Across the LifespanR01MH094639
Real-time fMRI Neurofeedback Based Stratification of Default Network RegulationR01MH101555

NKI-RS I Protocols