If you are a past participant in NKI-Rockland studies, we are inviting you to help us learn how our communities are affected by this coronavirus outbreak.

We have set up online surveys to hear from you:
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*All in-person research activities are suspended until further notice.*

The NKI Rockland Sample Initiative is a landmark research program aiming to map the brain, understand how it develops and changes over the course of life, and explore the connections between our brain and behavior.  Studies like this have the potential to change how we treat diseases from depression to Alzheimer’s.

This research program offers an opportunity for people of all ages—from 6 to 85—who live in Rockland County and neighboring areas to make a real difference. Over 1,500 residents have made the call and joined in the Rockland Sample.

Here you can learn about our studies and the science behind them, and find out about the free programs we offer to schools and community organizations.

Adult Longitudinal (temporarily suspended)

The purpose of the Adult Longitudinal Study is to increase our understanding of the relationship between cardiovascular health and cognition as we age. This study is open to adults from age 38 through 71 and involves nine study visits over a four year period. Participants will receive $305 for completing the first three visits, $135 for each of the three additional day-long visits, and $85 for each of the three additional short visits. Lunch will be provided on full-day visits. Enrollment is complete for this study.

Child Longitudinal (completed)

The Child Longitudinal Study  provides detailed information about how brains develop as children mature. It is open to children and adolescents from 6 to 17 years of age and involves five study visits over a 2 year period. Participating families receive oral and written feedback regarding mental health and educational testing results. Participants will receive a total of $220 for the first two visits and $135 for each of the three additional visits. Lunch will be provided on full-day visits. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult while at NKI. Enrollment is complete for this study.

Neurofeedback (completed)

The goal of the Neurofeedback study was to better understand the interactions between different parts of the brain and how these interactions affected personality and memory. Study participation was open to adults from age 21 through 45 and involved one day-long visit and two short visits. Participants who completed all study procedures received a total of $220 for the first two visits and $60 for the additional short visit. Lunch was provided on the full-day visit. Enrollment is complete for this study.

The active studies of the NKI Rockland Sample are currently funded by the US National Institute of Health and the NY State Office of Mental Health. Data obtained through the Rockland Sample  will be shared with qualified research scientists around the world to hasten to pace of scientific discovery.