Brain Day

To mark the start of Brain Awareness Week and let the community know more about the open data sharing initiative Rockland Sample, fun activities and interesting talks brought 62 adults and 70 kids to NKI on Sunday, March 9th. For the kids, activities included brain art such as building a neuron from pipe cleaners, brain games including sensory activities and optical illusions, education about brain health, and an opportunity to see and touch a real brain.  Adults could attend talks and participate with their children in activities.  Dr. Milham spoke on “How We Study the Brain and What We Know” while Dr. Tobe presented an “Introduction to NKI and the Rockland Sample.”  Michelle Kaplan, LMSW presented “When you say ‘yes’ and they say ‘no’: Skills to increase positive parent-child interactions.”  Attendees took tours of the outpatient research department and CABI imaging suite, where Dr. Colcombe and Raj Sangoi described MR tools and guided a digital exploration of the inside of a scanned pineapple.


BD brains BD mock scanner BD scanner

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