a model for accelerating the pace of discovery science in psychiatry

The NKI Rockland Sample Initiative is a landmark research program aiming to map the brain, understand how it develops and changes over the course of life, and explore the connections between our brain and behavior. Studies like this have the potential to change how we understand mental health and change how we treat anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.

A Next-Generation Multimodal Resource for Studing Brain, Behavior and Cognition Across the Lifespan

For Participants

The NKI Rockland Sample is funded by the US National Institutes of Health and the NY State Office of Mental Health. This research program offers an opportunity for people of all ages who live in Rockland County and neighboring areas to make a real difference. Over 1,500 residents have made the call and joined in the Rockland Sample.

For Researchers

The NKI-Rockland Sample provides a rich neuroimaging and phenotypic resource to characterize lifespan normative brain-behavior relationships.  It provides an extraordinary opportunity across our diverse, multidisciplinary research community to create knowledge that advances our understanding of the brain and mental health.

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