Student Interns

Since 2021, I have worked as a research intern in the Brain Aging and Mental Health Lab. Dr. MacKay-Brandt’s mentorship and guidance have allowed me numerous opportunities to develop my research skills in ways that have prepared me for my career and graduate school goals. My first role in the lab was working with the Rockland II Sample. I worked with a team of RAs and interns to develop app-based versions of standard paper and pencil assessments using Child Mind Institute’s MindLogger platform. I then had the opportunity to transition into a study management role where I was responsible for researching, purchasing, and tracking medical equipment and study materials in accordance with budget guidelines. I was also trained by Dr. MacKay-Brandt to recruit, screen, and consent study participants via the REDCap system. My work on the study start-up phase of Rockland II allowed me to further develop my organizational and study management skills, participant interaction skills, and established my understanding of the workings of an immensely collaborative study. Using Rockland I data, my senior honors thesis examines emotion regulation and meditation in a community sample.
Throughout my time at the lab, Dr. MacKay-Brandt has focused on providing an internship experience that offers experiences and training that has prepared me for my specific career goals. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities provided to me through my work in the lab, and I look forward to continuing to work with NKI.”